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The life of a sales manager—as you know—is always busy, and involves juggling lots of responsibilities and focusing on hitting targets. What makes your job easier is having the right technology and tools, one of which should be a robust and feature-rich sales enablement platform such as vablet. By implementing this solution, you can streamline workflows, organize documents, empower sales reps, and win more business. 

Let’s explore the day in the life of a sales manager using vablet.

vablet can help you meet your business needs.

First, it’s essential to define what a sales enablement platform is to understand how it can make your work life easier. The term describes software that integrates different sales and marketing functionality which contains processes, tools, content, and information that your teams need to interact with buyers effectively. 

Second, you’ll want to do some comparison shopping for software; not all truly elevate the sales process. What will matter to you in your day-to-day life? Consider these functionalities that support sales efforts and success:

  • Document organization and access
  • Features that support the sales process and help build relationships
  • Analytics capabilities
  • Onboarding and training assets
  • Integrations to enhance and automate activities 

vablet can arm sales reps with the latest information.

Whether you have an internal sales team or distributor representatives, they should always have easy access to the latest and greatest content. This pain point is one of the most glaring for sales professionals, and it’s incredibly challenging without the order that sales enablement software provides. Much of the time, content lives in multiple places.

If that scenario sounds familiar, you don’t have to live with this burden. vablet makes it simple. It provides enterprise content control, and content resides in one central repository. As a result, your sales reps will spend less time hunting for content and more time on revenue-generating activities. Further, they can access it from any device, online or offline. 

Additionally, you can be confident that the most current content is available. You eliminate version control risks, which can deflate a deal fast. For example, if a sales rep uses an old spec sheet, the pricing, configurations, and more could be out of date. Having to explain that to a customer after the fact would likely jeopardize the sale. 

vablet’s features can benefit selling and relationship building.

The new era of sales positions reps as consultants and educators, not hard sellers. They are able to serve customers by harnessing insightful content that develops customer knowledge and creates trust. There are many ways to accomplish this, but not all of them are efficient or seamless. You may currently be in a position where there are limitations because you don’t have the right infrastructure. Sales enablement software builds it for you. 

A sales enablement solution such as vablet fosters more effective selling and relationship building by:

  • Delivering the most impactful content via artificial intelligence and advanced technology that maps the right content to the buyer stage. These features assist salespeople to be more effective without being a drag on time.
  • Harnessing rich media such as animation, video, and HTML5 so that meetings are more interactive and personalized. If your sales team wants to wow prospects, then seek out a platform that supports dynamic content. 
  • Providing a more engaging presentation than just a static PDF. Stand out from your competitors by making the presentation more unique.
  • Offering sales tools at your fingertips. Sales reps often need calculators, order forms, and other tools that help them close business. A sales enablement solution can house these and ensure they are accessible online and offline. 

vablet can provide analytics that deliver insights.

Another aspect of a sales enablement platform is the analytics it provides to sales managers. These insights can be very valuable. What can you measure and track?

  • Usage by reps and their activities, which allows you to match them to contacts and opportunities. 
  • Metrics from meetings with clients to shed light on what content works well for winning the business. You can record presentation activity by using vablet automatically. 
  • Unused or underused content with tracking metrics, which helps inform marketing budgets and ensures the marketing department is creating content that resonates with buyers.

vablet can improve onboarding, training, and productivity.

vablet is also an ideal solution to streamline sales activities. With information available with ease, you can onboard new salespeople faster and provide ongoing training for new products, solutions, or processes. 

Overall, the technology in vablet reduces the time that sales reps must spend looking for content, creating presentations, and other manual tasks. As a result, it immediately boosts productivity for all. 

Enabling sales reps to be more efficient with their time takes manual or tedious work off their plates. They’ll feel better prepared and more focused, leaving worries about not having the content or tools they need behind. Providing these things to sales reps makes them feel valued, which often means they are more engaged and loyal. 

vablet’s integrations can make life easier.

Another critical element of vablet is that it integrates with CRMs and marketing automation platforms. You can sync your information with your CRM so that nothing gets lost and there’s no duplication of efforts. For example, you don’t want your salespeople spending extra time on data entry.

With marketing automation integrations, your sales reps can set up email campaigns and personalize them to build trust. There’s no manual work to keep communications rolling.

vablet can make your day more productive and efficient.

We designed vablet to meet the needs of sales managers to modernize and simplify processes and workflows. Make better use of your time and your team’s time when you have the right technology. 

If you would like to learn more about how sales enablement software can increase sales, check out our e-book, Secrets Revealed: How Marketing Can Help Increase Sales Using a Sales Enablement Platform.

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