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There are many variables to consider when measuring sales performance.

Sales managers monitor their sales reps based on both tangible and intangible results. The question then becomes, what is the easiest measurement tool to keep track of the many variable that contribute to a sales’ team success?

Tangible results are typically measured by:
quantities of calls made,
number of emails sent,
and numbers of presentations

Ultimately, no matter how many outputs the sales rep complete, results are successful when they hit or exceed their sales target.

A sales rep’s intangible activity has a cumulative effect on the tangible results and this is especially true when every activity is being tracked in a CRM, like Salesforce. Intangible activities may not be measured per se; because they can include:
researching stakeholder names,
social media,
and requesting referrals.

It’s these intangible activities that are difficult for a sales manager to see during a given week, until maybe that Friday afternoon, when the CRM is updated with these new contacts, events or notes.

Gain an Advantage with a Sales Enablement Solution

As with any process involving loads of information, automation is a great way to eliminate the need for much of the manual data entry. Memories are short, details get clouded or forgotten and key information can get minimized or ignored when one person must update each detail during a busy workday. Automatically capturing and updating sales details; whether via an order form, a survey or simply logging sales activity can provide a company with a great advantage. Real time or almost real time information can add to the flexibility and adaptability of an enterprise’s ability to generate incremental sales. Spotting trends and forecasting sales and managing budgets are key components of the business cycle that can benefit from expedited information.

A Good Solutions Solves Problems. A Great Solution Solves Many Problems.

Salespeople are typically switching between a variety of tasks and tools each day, as they try to keep up with the pace of business. Sorting through leads, making calls, scheduling tasks and other necessary activities, can take a toll on a sales rep. Having too many non-integrated tools could be hindering their results, workflow, and efficiency. When looking for a sales enablement application, it’s important to find one that can solve multiple problems in one platform. In addition, to keep your sales reps able to complete their work while on the road, a sales enablement platform is best when it can used anytime on or offline. Finally, an app that syncs important information automatically gives an invaluable understanding of the details in sales activities, which is a key variable for better sales performance and increased revenue.

Vablet is a comprehensive sales enablement tool that provides you and your team with a all the tools you need for effective and efficient workflow, communication, and provides multiple solutions on one, user-friendly platform.

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