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Choosing software can be a cumbersome process of comparing features and functionality. However, it’s a necessity if you want to find the right fit for your team. In the sales enablement field, many options are available, but they aren’t all equal. vablet outperforms its competitors for many reasons, delivering a feature-rich application that addresses sales enablement challenges.

If you’re seeking a new platform to increase sales, you’ll want to learn all about vablet and why it’s the best choice for marketing and sales teams to streamline, collaborate, and grow.

Features overview: What can vablet do for you?

What features are most important in sales enablement software? It depends on your specific organization and objectives, but vablet offers universal and specialized functionality. This functionality delivers so many advantages to your sales and marketing team.

Enjoy better control and organization.

Control and organizational features enable marketing teams to have better content control. With this functionality, you’ll find it easier to manage your digital content library, no matter how large it is or where your salespeople are. For a global company with mobile sales reps, these features offer you unprecedented regulation over content.

Here’s what you can do with this set of features:

  • Ensure the right access to content through file permissions and expiration dates.
  • Employ group targeting to place the right content in the right hands.
  • Manage and share content securely from a central hub.
  • Email content from the app with watermarks or restrictions on printing to maintain confidentiality.
  • Monitor who has content at all times, including version and time of access.

Improve content access.

Salespeople need frictionless solutions to access content and information from a sales enablement platform. The process of sharing content can become tricky if there are limitations. vablet provides access over any device, online or offline. 

You can also push out new content with ease in just one click. It alerts users in a more effective way than emails, which many often ignore.

Additionally, with the organization of files and assets in like groups and robust search functionality, access is fast and easy. 

Drive content engagement.

Leverage vablet’s rich-media features to deliver presentation-ready content to the field and create more personal, interactive experiences for prospects. For example, HTML5 and video content provide a new way to explain products and services and highlight their value. It’s a nice complement to standard collateral. The ability to house and send this dynamic content is a key differentiator for vablet. Other platforms simply can’t compete with these capabilities. 

Increase content intelligence.

Through next-generation tracking and intelligence features, vablet helps you gain more visibility over content usage in the field and closes the feedback loop with sales. It enables this intelligence by:

  • Automatically recording content activity in the field.
  • Generating metrics on engagement, including page numbers and time on each page.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify the best content for a prospect based on their buying stage.
  • Using fillable forms that capture customer data in the field in real time, which you can then route to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform or other solution—and you don’t need Wi-Fi to do it. 

Enhance productivity and efficiency with integrations.

Another reason that vablet works so well for organizations is its ability to integrate with other software. This includes CRMs such as Salesforce, file-sharing solutions such as SharePoint, and third-party storage such as Google Drive. You can further boost productivity with a business intelligence platform and marketing automation software integrations. It also has an open application programming interface, which makes it possible to collect analytics.

Customers greatly appreciate the Salesforce integration for several reasons. First, it tracks actions that turn into sales and automates administrative tasks. Second, it allows you to use Salesforce offline because you can’t always expect to have a connection. It does this by using HTML apps that then push the critical information to Salesforce. That could include recording activity, creating events, or sending email follow-ups.  

Accelerate onboarding and training.

Getting sales reps up to speed can be a long process, but vablet streamlines it and makes onboarding and training more effective. You likely have sales reps in different areas and working remotely, so engagement is tricky. 

With all your onboarding and training in one platform that’s on demand, it makes the process easier. You can also add training to the platform and push it out to keep sales reps up to speed.

Experience industry-specific capabilities. 

In addition to features that align with any sales or marketing team, vablet also has industry-specific customizations for healthcare and life sciences, marketing and distribution, services and maintenance, financial services, and digital marketing agencies. 

Beyond features, what makes vablet unique?

Features are the heart of our sales enablement platform, but there are more reasons that vablet is a leader in the field. Consider that just because the software has features, it doesn't mean they are easy to learn, use, or incorporate into workflows. The designers of vablet had these things in mind, and they continue to improve its performance. 

Here are a few more reasons why vablet is an excellent choice: 

  • It has an easy, intuitive interface with a focus on the user experience, which ensures that users adopt it and use it to improve their work processes.
  • Setup and deployment are fast, which means you don’t need a team of IT professionals to get up and running. 
  • There are multiple pricing tiers with discounts available.
  • Compliance requirements regarding regulated industry content are simplified, including the automatic addition of disclaimers and controls that ensure inaccurate information doesn’t get deployed. 
  • It’s a flexible and agile platform that’s adaptable to pivots, changes, and more.

Get more out of sales enablement with vablet. 

Ranked the highest in innovation among sales engagement platforms by Aragon Research, vablet’s feature set is unmatched. If you’re ready to explore how sales enablement software can improve your operations, then you’ll want to do two things. First, download our e-book, Secrets Revealed: How Marketing Can Help Increase Sales Using a Sales Enablement Platform. You’ll glean key information on how marketing and sales can collaborate better with sales enablement software. Second, to understand the vablet difference, you need to see how it works. Contact us today for a quick demo or start your free trial

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