Meiotic Inc. Introduces Unique PowerPoint Functionality for Its Business Content Management Platform, vablet

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vablet’s latest release provides new functionality for more secure content management on mobile devices, increased analytics, and offline access when using PowerPoint presentations in the field.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, August 15, 2016 – Meiotic, Inc. today announced new functionality in vablet, its business content management platform for mobile devices. This release includes more intuitive leave behind capabilities when using PowerPoint in the field, enhanced analytics, and greater offline file utilization, resulting in a more usable and secure mobile content management platform.

One very unique feature in this release, developed for companies wanting to send smaller size files with specific leave behind marketing messaging to prospects after a PowerPoint presentation, is what the company calls “substitute media.” vablet now offers the ability to replace, or switch out, the file that will be emailed to prospects for a post-call leave behind. vablet also provides the ability to create a locked email template, on a file-by-file basis, with predefined content and subject line when sending the leave behind file.

Lightweight leave behind files, typically PDFs, can be quickly and easily sent by a rep during or immediately after a sales call, whether the rep has internet connectivity or not. The market hasn’t seen this functionality before and it is only available in vablet.

“We’re excited to offer this new PowerPoint functionality. We continue to help marketing empower their sales reps with more and more tools while ensuring that sales has a greater ability to continue conversations post-sales call. This new feature eliminates the need for prospects to download large files and go through the same lengthy presentation for a second time,” noted Paul Pacun, CEO and chief architect, vablet.

With compliance and regulation in mind, marketing now has the ability to upload encrypted, read-only PowerPoint files that are not only securely stored in the vablet for offline use, but these files can only be launched via the vablet app itself. For compliancy reasons, sales reps can’t modify the file or the email without explicit permission.

“We’ve also worked on incorporating analytics, such as the length of time a presentation has been viewed on vablet. This data can be stored in the vablet app itself, or in a CRM like Salesforce to better analyze customer behavior or monitor file usage,” says Pacun.

Offline access to PowerPoint files was also an important requirement for this release. Sales reps can present to a prospect no matter where they are, and with no need for a wireless connection. This maximizes the limited time a sales rep has with a potential customer.

About Meiotic, Inc.
Based in Irvine, California, Meiotic Inc., is a leading technology innovator in mobility. Meiotic’s flagship app, vablet, provides a secure container technology that offers file access, sales presentation and engagement, and analytical reporting for enterprise organizations using tablet devices. First released in the iOS Appstore in 2010, the vablet app has been globally deployed in over 50 countries by Fortune 100 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, financial institutions and international banks, sales organizations in retail or manufacturing, and many other industries.

vablet is a registered trademark of Meiotic, Inc. and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Since 2010, vablet has been providing powerful yet agile sales empowerment solutions to makes sales easier and marketing smarter. Companies use vablet to optimize how content is used, share files and media from anywhere, and get clear visibility on content effectiveness. vablet continues to innovate and address the needs of the mobile workforce.

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