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vablet is focused on the utilization of iPads and Windows devices in a sales setting. These devices are powerful, mobile, and are in the mainstream of personal use. vablet converts these mobile devices into a comprehensive sales and marketing tool used to deliver meaningful presentations to your customers.

vablet is a sales enablement solution used by thousands of marketing and sales teams globally; to securely control and deliver content to their field rep’s mobile devices. It acts like a mobile device application, so it’s very intuitive for the well-versed tablet user. And, studies show that most tablet users are, in fact, frequent and apt users. In fact, tablet users:

  • spend 2.1 hours daily on their tablets
  • 1.1 hours daily for productivity
  • 26% total of their overall computing time
  • and 84% say that tablets make them better multi-taskers

At vablet, we know that leveraging the best technology is key, especially when that technology is such a large part of everyday life. When you present information in a format that your audience is comfortable with, you have already won a certain level of approval. Additionally, because tablets are a trusted and forward thinking piece of technology, you are sending a message to your clients that you are on the pulse of what is up ahead; a great quality to be associated with all of your business efforts.

vablet leverages the powerful technology of tablets to fit your business needs. vablet allows you to show the typical PDF files but also offer full video support. In addition, vablet allows for all of your presentations to be completely customized for your business needs. vablet support HTML5 apps and tools, so your presentations can finally come to life.

In addition, vablet has data capture forms with signatures, as well as full integration with your important legacy systems such as Salesforce, ERP and marketing automation platforms.

And all of this on one tablet application! vablet is a comprehensive business application that allows you and your sales team to leverage tablet technology to your advantage. Increase your team’s productivity, and shorten your sales cycle by delivery quality content on a forward thinking application focused on using the most up to date technology.

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