Top 8 Reasons to Utilize Tablets in Sales

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Top 8 Reasons to Utilize Tablets in Sales

  1. Corporate control of files and messaging. No more clunky binders for your sales reps! With vablet, all of your files are stored on your device and in the cloud, and updated in real-time. File level control gives the assurance departments the confidence to know that sales reps are carrying the right information that was created and approved by marketing. This control not only keeps the message consistent, but keeps the sales team on the same page. When using tablets, any file that is crucial to sales including promotional materials, product updates, price sheets, training materials, and videos, can all be pushed on to devices, managed and updated instantly, even on contractor, non-employee or distributor-owned devices.
  1. Files are organized, up to date and at the fingertips of the sales reps. Sales and marketing departments can create a workflow based on their organization’s goals. Standardization within the organization can be supported through the creation of meaningful sales groups and associated file folders. Files can be organized on different devices in a way that supports effective presentations based on industry or geographical needs of customers. The level of granularity is almost unrestricted.
  1. The sales experience can be beautiful, fully supported and paper free! Presentations flow easily and intuitively based on tapping or swiping files in a particular sequence that your team sets up beforehand. Reference materials can be instantly available and accessed as questions arise, changing your tablet from a mobile device into a library of resources. With this quantity of information at your fingertips, the sales meeting is now more effective, productive, and informative. In addition, the customer experience is more engaging, creating an interactive environment and informative experience. From the introduction of the company to the closing of a sales by emailing an RFP, everything can be done from one tool and without pen and paper, and in half the time.
  1. In-Depth Analytics gives way to smarter solutions. Analytics can provide insight into the device and file usage by sales reps or other device users. This data provides essential feedback in relation to company metrics, and what techniques are working (or need to be re-imagined) for sales reps across the company. By placing each file under the scrutiny of analytics, can help meet or exceed revenue goals. When this data is given to sales reps on tablets, they are equipped with a granular and measurable level of knowledge that has not been available before.
  1. Stay on Track Because each client has different need and questions, Sales meetings can start in one direction and quickly go in another. Communication is key, and answers at your fingertips can make the difference between you and your competitor. Tablets can make these quick changing events less stressful due the accessibility of tools such as calendars, contact lists, calculators, expense reports, surveys, emails, video links, and web URLs (to name a few) with a few easy swipes and taps.

  1. Short sales cycle with a long ROI The sales cycle can be shortened with very little investment. By leveraging the portability of tablets, data capture features and offline forms, sales reps are now able to work freely in an uninterrupted manner; even if they are offline. APIs can provide programmatic communication to and from legacy systems such as ERP, CRM, CMS, etc. All of this functionality allows data to flow more freely and almost in real time.
  1. BYOD may not be as big of a concern as initially thought. File level control on tablets, in a corporate-controlled file repository, minimizes or in some cases eliminates the need for an MDM, MAM or for the company to actually purchase tablets. Why not leverage the power of employee purchased or contractor owned devices without actually paying for them?
  1. IT is not really required. Cloud-based file management applications generally take the reliance on the IT department out to the equation. This saves significant implementation time. Given resource constraints and high demand for qualified coders, in-house or DIY solutions are actually more difficult than companies are aware of. Additionally, it’s very costly for companies to hire outside programming firms to build and maintain applications. This is especially true when all the features and complexity are generally already built into some of the “off the shelf” platforms. Let the app companies bear the cost to keep up with all the feature enhancements, new devices and OS updates. By utilizing SaaS services, companies can be up and running in an extremely short period of time—even minutes in some cases.

The vablet Solution. Deployed on thousands of devices globally, vablet’s secure mobile file management application provides sales and marketing departments with the much-needed control of corporate-owned content, increased employee productivity, and a proven return on investment. Put leading edge technology in the hands of those who need it the most and give them the functionality and flexibility to do their job more effectively.

The first secure mobile content management application approved in the AppStore, vablet was voted by as one of the “Top 20 Business Apps for CIOs”.

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