A Remote Workforce Increases Demand for Reliable Sales Enablement Technology

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The way the world works has changed. Even though some offices are reopening, many workers will remain remote at least some time in a hybrid dynamic. As many organizations learned, productivity and collaboration didn’t suffer in 2020, and they can attribute much of the ease in new workflows to technology. Sales and marketing teams are meeting these challenges with sales enablement technology.

Such platforms provide sales and marketing with the ability to stay connected by providing access to content, analytics, training, and more. But how are next-generation sales and marketing teams using it? And what are the benefits it brings?

Remote work has been a success; leaders invest in tech to enable it.

Although the adoption of remote work wasn’t gradual, the majority of employers and employees agree it’s been a success.

According to a PwC survey, 83 percent of employers and 71 percent of employees said remote work has been successful. The study also concluded that productivity improves as well. What was one of the biggest drivers of this? Technology! Tech that enables seamless collaboration and workflows and isn't dependent upon being in the same physical space is helping the world adapt.

The above-cited survey confirmed this as well. To support remote and hybrid workforces, 72 percent of executives said they would be investing in more technology tools.

To empower sales and marketing teams to succeed, they need the right solutions that streamline their work, deliver access to content wherever they are, and drive sales enablement. The answer to this for many is a sales enablement platform. 

Sales enablement software offers multiple functions for remote workers.

Sales enablement software provides sales and marketing teams with a host of functionalities to be productive and prepared. In addition, it can streamline processes and deliver training. Let’s look at how it does this.

Sales enablement software improves productivity.

How efficiently your sales and marketing teams work often depends on the organization of content. Content is one place with sales enablement solutions, so there’s no time wasted searching for the right files.

Additionally, it provides governance of the content. That means that marketing manages the accuracy of sales sheets, pricing, or other documents. Also, management ensures that sales reps are always using the correct version. 

Further, sales enablement applications can track analytics around content usage. Those analytics are available in one place for quick insights. There’s no need to aggregate multiple sources or pull data manually to determine what’s performing well in customer interactions. 

Users can also send, share, and track content from anywhere, online or offline, from any device. That’s especially helpful with a distributed sales team. 

Sales enablement platforms can house training.

When your sales team has access to training opportunities, it can boost revenue generation. The more informed a salesperson is, the more competent they’ll be in pitching to buyers. 

With remote work, in-person training isn’t feasible any longer, yet your sales reps need to stay current on processes, products, and strategies. The problem many organizations face is how to organize and deploy it.

You may use a learning management system or place digital content in shared drives. But, if it’s hard to find, then you may discover sales doesn’t use it. So, the first part is breaking down that barrier.

You can house all your training in a sales enablement platform and update it at any time. When new content is available, it sends out push notifications, which means you don’t have to manually or individually send out emails or other communications. 

You can also configure the system with permissions that direct users to see the training that applies to their role. Doing this could ensure they see it as more relevant and actually engage with it. You’ll be able to know because you can record training activity, so your sales leaders know who is up to speed. 

Enhance and standardize processes with sales enablement software.

Sales and marketing processes can often be inconsistent or too complex, so no one adopts them. They may also be harder to establish with remote teams, but the bottom line is about accountability. Sales enablement systems help you achieve this. 

You can standardize these processes within a sales enablement solution, so there’s no confusion. Everyone’s on the same page about how to execute tasks because it’s all there in a digital format. Additionally, you can use fillable order forms to capture information and integrate all this with Salesforce, so you don’t have duplicate efforts.

Hidden gems: Discover more ways sales enablement supports remote work.

Technology is only as good as the user experience. Intuitive interfaces that are easy to adopt make your remote workers feel more confident. 

When looking for a product, you’ll want to discern how easy it is to implement too. If it’s not going to work for your team, then it’s a wasted investment. That’s why it’s good to compare sales enablement platforms. Consider more than just their features; also consider how they will complement and strengthen your processes for workers, no matter where they are. 

Another major benefit of sales enablement is how it builds sales and marketing alignment. When these groups live in silos and don’t have shared systems for collaboration, campaigns and initiatives can fall flat. A robust sales enablement platform that delivers tools for both groups means they can be on the same page and succeed while working remotely.

How will you empower your remote sales and marketing teams?

Remote work doesn’t mean you aren’t connected with the organization, colleagues, and customers. You just need the appropriate technology to make it easy, and that’s the beauty of a solution such as vablet. Its design complements a remote workforce in multiple ways, from enabling access from anywhere to working on any device. 

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