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Today, B2B buyers are smarter than ever. With ample tools at our fingertips, sales reps aren’t even needed to close a deal.

Forrester recently reported that a whopping 90% of B2B buyers start their buying journey online. That means the B2B landscape isn’t just shifting, it’s moved to an entirely different time zone. In this new space, the B2B buyer is not convinced with five-star reviews or the usual sales pamphlets; they want real value and they want it now.

Communicating customer benefit starts with a proper collaboration between your marketing and sales teams. The marketing team focuses on generating brand awareness and messaging through high-quality, unique content. The sales team focuses on the top of the line– increasing revenue every quarter.

In theory, sales and marketing should be interconnected, but the reality is more complicated. Although both are focused on increasing the bottom line, what they really aim to do is change or create a buying behavior that, hopefully, repeats.

Understanding human behavior has never been easy. Understanding organizational behavior is even tougher. Today B2B buyers spend lots of time researching prospects to understand what they want. Then marketing and sales tactics are tailored to their customers’ desires. This messaging streams through all content– blogs, social media, forums and third-party review websites. Below we talk about what types of content are most effective.

What content B2B buyers are consuming

Fun fact: Most B2B buyers say they base their purchasing decisions on white papers (82%), webinars (78%), and case studies (73%). Not too far behind are e-books (67%), infographics (66%), and blog posts (66%). As information becomes more and more accessible, the buyer really holds all the power. This leads to yet another insight into the B2B buyer-seller dynamic.

Buyers don’t watch sales pitches anymore

In fact, as per a LinkedIn/Content Marketing Institute survey, 90% of B2B buyers do not even entertain a cold call anymore. 12% of prospects never even want to meet a sales rep.

I don’t blame them. Sales reps only want one thing! But that’s beside the point; the real takeaway is buyers expect more. They want exclusive information that seems uniquely tailored to their needs.  They want to be guided through the selling journey toward the best solution possible.

In other words, B2B buyers are value-first. Corporate Visions reports that 74% of buyers go for the sale that adds value to their purpose.  As a B2B supplier, marketer or a salesperson, you must meet customers on their terms and offer value. Although the traditional sales approach is falling apart, the silver lining is this approach builds a more loyal buyer-seller relationship.
The Bottom Line: Do not get stuck in sales approaches that disrupt your clients rather than align with them. Get more involved with your prospective customers. Always try to provide the best solution to the problem. If you can gain a complete understanding of your customer, more than half the battle is won.

Ensure your team always has the right content at their fingertips, plus rich media presentation tools that better engage your customers.

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