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Forward-looking companies are integrating rich media technologies into the fabric of their mission critical business processes, especially sales. Sales reps with rich content enjoy a competitive advantage over those that do not.

The days of linear sales presentations are nearing an end.

While a concise well thought out presentation is still a prerequisite for success in the field, people are expecting a more engaging interaction during today’s sales presentations. We are often hearing from customers how difficult it is to differentiate their products and services from their competitors or how important it is to communicate their message in a clear, concise manner.

The evolution of mobile technology, coupled with a sales enablement platform, has given enterprises and small companies alike more freedom to develop unique and specific tools that can display meeting-appropriate content in an appealing format at any moment.

We know that attention spans are short and the more engaging the content, the more apt the viewer is to stay connected and interested. But it’s not just any content. PDFs, while lightweight and useful for manuals, reference materials, and training, are not dynamic enough in the sales process. The same goes for Office files and image files like JPEGs, PNG, etc.

It’s cutting edge, it’s engaging, and the ROI is proven.

Videos, multi-media PDFs, and HTML 5 apps are examples of the types of rich media files that marketing departments are wanting to use today. These file types are dynamic and more enticing to a potential customer.

We have been watching television for decades now and that type of viewing experience is very familiar. Like television, rich media can tell a story. It’s customizable, it’s adaptable, and it can be delivered to the field much quicker than its predecessor – paper. In the business environment, strategic rich media enables business processes to become more streamlined, more productive, more focused, and certainly more cost-effective.

Rich media has an 8x higher engagement rate in a 10 second period.

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