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Achieving Marketing Success with Customer Surveys

Achieving marketing success with customer surveys should be an essential part of your comprehensive plan. Your strategy should be well thought out and comprehensive. Once you have implemented your strategies, you will want to monitor and collect data to learn how the various elements are performing. Customer surveys are a great way to gain that insight.

Customer surveys will help you gain insight on whether or not your marketing strategy is achieving the results you want. They are a great vehicle to uncover information to improve your brand and how to effectively drive campaigns.  Your surveys should use simple yet direct questions that will help you get specific feedback, from your customers’ point of view. If the responses are not in line with your expectations, you should revisit your marketing strategy and adjust your tactics. 

Points of Interaction

You can send surveys via email, blasting to site visitors or to people who have filled out forms. You can create surveys that are on your website or on a table at a tradeshow. And, you can create survey forms for your sales team to carry with them. With the right technology, your team’s iPads, tablets, and smartphones can easily be utilized as data capture devices.

Better Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can very easily be the difference in attracting leads or closing a sale. That means that when a customer needs a solution like yours, they think of you first, because they remember your brand. By conducting a survey, you will learn the influence your brand has within your market – based on how aware prospects and customers are about your brand.

Positive Brand Perception

As mentioned in the Customer Experience Maturity Monitor, “At this very moment, it is happening. Across channels and touchpoints, customers are experiencing your company.” And, “Those experiences serve to strengthen or weaken relationships between your customers and your business”.

So, it makes sense that you need to tap into customer insights regarding their perceptions and experiences. With data gathered through surveys, you can use information to improve your company’s brand perception, as well as your products, or services.

Get the Best Survey Responses

Below are five elements for getting the best responses from your surveys.

  1. Target audience.If you want feedback about a new product you’ve just released, you need to know who your target audience is. How about finding out data in a particular geographic location? Whatever your goal is, make sure you are segmenting your audiences and crafting surveys around these segments to get more targeted data.
  2. Survey frequency. Avoid tiring your audiences. In many cases, respondents are already skeptical about surveys, make sure you are not making respondents feel uncomfortable by surveying them too often.
  3. Timing. By and large, surveys relate to a customer’s purchase experience. This means that you need to send one out right after your customers have received your product. Strike while the iron is hot to get the best feedback.
  4. Perceived benefit.Customers want to know what is in it for them when taking a survey. Make sure that respondents understand that their feedback is relevant and will improve your service even more once they’ve completed the survey.
  5. Incentives work to increase response rates. You could be working on getting more customers to fill out your surveys by giving them a chance to win a prize. Incentives have the ability to lower negative feedback rates. Observe the differences in responses and adjust your surveys accordingly so that customers will not mind filling out your survey knowing you have sweetened the pot with a prize.

In conclusion

Surveys give you the ability to connect to a specific relevant audience.  With well-crafted questions, placement, and timing, you can capture critical feedback on how your marketing strategy is performing.  

Exceeding buyer expectations, elevating brand awareness and brand perception, implementing product enhancements, and even cultivating company culture. These are some of the marketing successes you can achieve through surveys and direct customer feedback. 

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