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Marketers are continuously striving to roll out successful content assets for the Sales team.

From eye-catching animations, interactive features, PDFs, advanced 3D simulations and competitor comparison graphics, these types of assets are vital to the process of informing and engaging customers throughout the sales cycle.

The reality, however, is that your sales reps aren’t using what your marketing team is producing. According to SiriusDecisions, over 60% of content created by marketers is never used by sales reps.

What’s going on here?

Here’s a list of three issues your sales reps might be experiencing by not using the right content, and the solutions needed to overcome them.

Issue #1 – Sales reps can’t find your collateral

You may be expanding, adding new product lines, or new divisions are brought on, there’s a good chance that your content collateral is also expanding. So where do you store it?
Are you shoving in some shared Dropbox folder? Perhaps you’re sticking it into your sales portal. You might be working with a centralized hub, but your sales reps need Wi-Fi access to it and they need the names of the files in order to locate them.

Sales reps don’t have the time to figure out where the right collateral is.


Adding your content assets to your Sales Enablement platform will provide a quick search capability for your sales reps and give them access to all the collateral without the need for an online connection.

Issue #2 – Sales reps can’t send the collateral

Sales reps need an easy way to share content with customers, but sometimes the size of the assets is too big.

Animations, interactive features, PDFs, advanced 3D simulations take up a lot of space in email and often exceed what your email server is able to send out, or even what your prospect is capable of receiving.

The last thing you need your sales reps using is USB drives in order to share content collateral.


A Sales Enablement solution compresses files and allows sales reps to add them to Web portals and easily use them as presentations on Sales Call. What’s more is that all customer activity is logged in your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Issue #3 – Sales reps don’t know what which collateral works

Without the knowledge of which content assets are the most effective, sales reps could be sending the wrong content to customers at the wrong time and through the wrong channel.

With the amount of content collateral that’s been created by Marketing, and the different types of content out there, sales reps need to be sure what the best asset is and when it should be sent out.


Sales Enablement software is heavily built on its ability to work as a comprehensive analytics system. Having real-time metrics and customized reports means having stats on what collateral works with what customer at what time.

In order to maximize sales rep effectiveness on Sales Call and beyond, these issues should be addressed beforehand. Your content collateral is your most important asset. With a Sales Enablement solution, you can achieve real success with your customers as well as internal processes.

How effective are you at managing your content assets?

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