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Sales execs play a vital role in the success of the sales team. They are responsible for setting the tone and culture of a sales organization, and they have the ability to make or break a company’s fortunes. Building a high-performance sales team is no small feat, but when done right, it can be worth a great return to an organization.

But what is it about sales execs that get the best out of their teams? What differentiates them from managers that don’t achieve the same results? Although it may be difficult to define what makes a sales exec great, there are qualities that differentiate top performers from those that lag behind.

As a sales exec, in order to get the most out of your sales force, you need to assess the state of your sales reps and your own contribution to the improvement of their efforts. From focusing on them on an individual level, to making them feel like they are contributing to a greater cause, below are the top 5 tips that will help you propel your team to sales success.

1.  Focus on the sales rep on an individual level

Sales execs that invest time and effort into training, motivating and gaining a true understanding of their sales reps achieve great results. Figuring out what your sales rep wants and why they want it can be achieved by working with them on an individual basis. Through motivation and belief in the abilities of your sales reps, it becomes possible for them to achieve anything – and that means, enabling them to achieve their goals out on the field.

2. Training on adopting the right attitude

Adopting the right attitude makes a big difference when it comes to seeing sales reps succeed. By changing their beliefs and attitudes, it becomes possible for them to be highly productive as a result of acquiring a positive mental attitude. The more positive the sales rep, the more likely they are to not get easily discouraged and the more likely they are to be motivated to see more results.

3. Giving the feeling of making a team effort

Encouraging sales reps to see the importance of contributing to a common cause works to increase overall performance. From Sales Call, to follow up and beyond, when sales reps contribute and share their customer knowledge with the whole team, they are able to achieve great results instead of working inwardly to achieve small-scale successes.

4. Keep Communicating frequently and effectively

The difference between a manager and a leader is that a manager dictates what should be done by their sales reps – and usually without an explanation. By keeping communication lines open and providing an understanding of where they are coming from, sales reps gain an understanding of why they are being asked what to do instead of being told what to do.

5. Recognizing sales rep success

The key to sales rep success is showing praise for a job well done. As a sales exec, it is important to demonstrate that a sales rep has achieved a goal or hit a sales target. Recognition doesn’t have to come in the form of a bonus, but a simple “job well done” or “thanks” can go a long way.

How effective are you at motivating your sales force? Are you seeing returns as a result of being an inspirational and engaging sales exec?

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