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What’s the value of HTML?

The current trend in life science marketing is to use HTML5 in sales presentations. Marketing wants to promote the company brand, gain competitive advantages, capture analytics, and give sales reps the tools they need for success.


1. HTML5 Presentations
Replacing PDFs or paper collateral, HTML5 presentations are more visually stimulating and engaging, increasing the prospects attention span. They highlight specific products or services with videos or interesting graphics and functionality to build custom output.

2. Sales Tools
Today’s sales are non-linear and more complex. Presentations should be flexible based on the customer and the situation. These are tools created to meet the specific needs of the prospect or follow a selling process.

3. Forms & Surveys
At the moment of truth, a sales person shouldn’t be searching for things they need to close sales. Gathering information should be a natural part of the selling process, otherwise the sale could be lost.

4. Calculators
Some sales require tools to determine quantities, needs or outcomes. They are integral to the sales process and complimentary to the presentation. They can be used to answer questions or get the conversation moving forward.

5. Training
HTML5’s low cost of entry opens the possibilities of new ways to train. Leveraging mobile devices with flash cards, games and visual aids, wrapped in a single file, increases retention while gaining analytics and accountability.

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