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A mobile sales enablement application has the potential be a pharmaceutical pepresentative’s most valuable sales tool…as long as they know how to use it. During a sales visit, representatives will have a lot of information to cover in a very short period of time. The best-case scenario involves a focused, clear, meeting in which every point is hit, questions are asked, and the meeting wraps up (on time of course) with the deal closed.

But, this is real life. And sometimes, the best-case scenario involves a doctor or administrator who may have had 5-6 minutes available for a meeting, may now only have 20 seconds, in the hallway. Due to their line of work, doctors and administrators have their attention divided, and their priorities are with their patients, as it should be. In order to securely get their point across without stopping their workflow, sales reps have to adapt quickly. In these situations, it is often difficult to connect and get the doctor’s undivided attention before the next patient visit.  So how will you make a lasting impression full of valuable information?

Media Planning

For a successful sales visit in a fast-paced environment, every rep will need to have their best media readily available. This type of planning requires intuitive planning and strategy for specific types of presentations and a number of potential timeframes.

A great sales enablement application may be the very tool that makes any meeting successful. Not only does it allow for superb organization to pull up what is needed with one click or swipe, but it also offers an interactive experience for the doctor. A sales enablement application gives the doctor the means to take ownership of the information and control of the experience. The sales rep is then freed up to be the subject matter expert.

When time is of the essence, a sales rep can’t waste even a minute trying to figure out which media to present, let alone waiting for it to download. Sales media must be instantly available and ready to tell a quick story, one that resonates with the doctor and buys precious face time. This extra time can be spent concisely answering a question, queuing the next piece of media, or even closing the sale.

Tip: During the pre-call planning process, the sales person should organize media for:

  • A less than 30 second multi-media presentation using video with and without audio
  • A 30 second auto play slide show with and without audio
  • A PDF one pager that can be emailed at the drop of a hat
  • Use the same formula to identify media to fill the time for longer meetings with healthcare customers

The sales presentation elements must deliver the desired message and facilitate the next step, prescribing the products presented. With a sales enablement tool such as Vablet, these quick meetings would be very efficient. Vablet is completely customizable and HTML5 ready for beautiful presentations for you sales team. Contact us today to get a personalized demonstration tailored to the needs of your business!

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