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In today’s on-demand economy, having instant access to information is critical. It doesn’t matter if your reps have access to the internet or not, the content needs to be locally available.

Way back in late 2010, just after the iPad 1 had debuted, I realized that the main focus or use of the device was content. Delivering content, storing content, manipulating content, and displaying it for both personal and professional reasons was one of the greatest uses for a tablet.

It’s lightweight and functional form factor made carrying all my files easy, fashionable, and fun. I wanted to bring that same feeling and usefulness to the business world. And so vablet was born.

We built vablet so its users could have access to files, large or small, at their fingertips. From our perspective, marketing managers need to ensure that their salespeople have the most up-to-date, compliant files readily available.

If 80% of generated marketing content goes unused by sales departments, that means that the marketing department is wasting their time and the company’s money on content creation. It also means that salespeople aren’t delivering the right content to prospective customers fast enough.

Instant search and instant access is a significant time saver. That makes a more productive sales force.
When a salesperson engages prospects with relevant information, they’re more likely to become a customer. But if that salesperson is digging through their briefcase for the latest collateral, trying to find notes on the prospect, or looking for a form to be signed, they are wasting valuable time.

That’s up to 20% of their essential selling time!

It’s quite simple, no? When a salesperson can immediately access content, they’re more productive in the field. If they’re more productive, they can sell to more prospects faster. And what does that mean? Closing more sales in less time – adding to the bottom line.

vablet gives you peace of mind with not only instant access to content, but content control of marketing messaging, or in many cases, for compliance. vablet also integrates with any sales system you need it to.

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