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Empowering Sales with Technology

Top performers have realized that investing money in sales productivity is the number one priority to increase sales performance, and have turned to mobile apps for Sales Enablement as a result. In order to manage more opportunities and devote more time to customer interactions, mobile apps have become a must-have tool for any organization that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

The sales process has completely changed from what it once was. Instead of sales reps being confined to their office desks, cold-calling companies or waiting for Marketing to pass on unseasoned leads, Mobile Sales Enablement has freed the sales force from spending time on wasted resources. From Marketing, to follow-up, to Sales Call, sales reps are now enabled like never before.

With the reduction of administrative activities and content generation, Sales and Marketing teams can now spend time on increasing and optimizing Face-to-Face interactions with customers. Lets look closer at the power of Mobile Sales Enablement and how it works in facilitating the sales process.

What is Mobile Sales Enablement?

To achieve success companies need to move from asking “how do we help the company?” to “how do we help the salesperson?” Enabling the frontline so that sales reps may have engaging conversations with customers means empowering sales reps with relevant data and insight, and the way to achieve this is by embracing mobile technology.

Mobile devices like the tablet have reinvented the way Sales and Marketing go-to-market. The rapid adoption of tablets by leading organizations means that companies are combining the capabilities of the tablet with key marketing and sales processes. In fact, Forrester Research has predicted that over the next four years, businesses will spend an estimated $26 billion on mobile application development and mobile process reinvention.

The success of Mobile Sales Enablement lends itself to several key features that aren’t viable with any other technologies.  The growing number of innovations offered by mobile devices are incomparable to desktops. From easy content navigation and a quick multi-touch interface, to rich video and 3D animations, sales reps engage with customers and provide presentations in ways that were once unimaginable.

Mobile Sales Enablement allows top performers to drive revenue growth, improving sales effectiveness, and differentiating the customer experience. The tablet quite simply helps boost sales performance and it does so by empowering sales reps when it comes to customer engagement.

The Power of Data

Mobile Sales Enablement lends itself to a key feature when it comes to empowering the sales force:  Data. The power of data and analytics to quickly interpret and optimize sales performance is accomplished by uncovering sales cycle and customer trends. Marketing teams can work to refine campaigns while enabling Sales to become more prepared for the Face-to-Face interaction. With the ability to capture and identify deep customer insight, sales and marketing execs can provide data-driven decisions that empower the sales force and further improve customer engagement.

Below is a list of the 5 main benefits of Mobile Sales Enablement.

1.  Access from anywhere at anytime

Whether your sales reps are with or without a connection, they can complete their work from any place at anytime. Up-to-date marketing collateral also makes it easy to share content with the whole team instantaneously.

2. Fast and Flexible

A Mobile Sale Enablement solution works as a central “hub” which provides fast and flexible access to all marketing content and CRM data. From a single source which acts as a repository of information, sales and marketing execs as well as sales reps, input and syndicate content with great ease and flexibility.

3. Letting Sales Focus on Selling

A recent CSO Insights statistic found that 35% of a sales rep’s day is actually spent selling while the rest is spent on identifying the appropriate content to distribute to customers. Mobile Sales Enablement enables the Marketing team to have access from a single repository that has been updated with the most recent materials gathered from Marketing from the most recent campaigns.

4. Quick Access to Customer Data (CRM)

Data is automatically captured in the CRM so sending out a follow-up email or broadcasting on social media to all potential customers becomes an easy task. With Mobile Sales Enablement, access to customer data is right at the fingertips of Sales.

5. Speeding Up the Training Process

Training takes one of the biggest chunks out of going to market. Sales reps need to be prepared for the Face-to-Face interaction with customers as well as the process that occurs before a lead gets passed on to Sales, and in the follow-up process. Mobile Sales Enablement gets sales reps up-to-speed faster with content that reinforces training straight from the mobile device.

Winning More Deals

A study conducted by CSO Insight found that organizations with sales reps at the forefront that used mobile CRM and social sales tools won 7% more deals than their competitors that did not use mobile tools. Tablets deliver a customer experience like no other. With real-time access to the right information to advance the sale process, Mobile Sales Enablement is setting the bar high when it comes to the sales rep/customer relationship. Staying ahead means adopting new technologies, and when it comes to customer engagement, Mobile Sales Enablement has become the preferred tool for Best-in-Class performers. How effective is your sales strategy? Do you need to boost sales performance in your organization?

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