The Importance of Adopting Sales Enablement to Make for an Effective Salesforce

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Targeted messages, personalized content and more effective sales calls are just some of the benefits of sales enablement. When sales reps use sales enabling tools to communicate with customers, they are better prepared for the face-to-face interaction as well as the follow-up stages. When meeting with a customer, a sales enablement platform works to enable Sales to create more effective and personalized presentations, which elicit a positive purchase decision from prospects.

The following is a list of 5 reasons how mobile sales enablement works to improve the customer experience while allowing marketing to gather more insight into customer behavior.

1. Content

A sales enablement platform arms sales reps with good, relevant and targeted content. When Sales gathers insights from the customer after a sales call, marketing can work to tailor content and messages according to their needs. A good mobile enablement platform allows marketing to work on executing better, strong campaigns to target customers with the right messages right when they are most ready to make a purchase decision

2. Feedback

Closing the loop between marketing and Sales enables marketing to gain a better understanding of customer needs. Sales reps provide feedback from the tablet on the sales materials they use, and marketing can learn from this data to come out with better, stronger campaigns in the future. This way, both departments win.  Marketing learns customer behaviors and preferences, and Sales is armed with more targeted messages.

3. Communication and Collaboration

The right sales enablement platform allows marketing and sales teams to work in mutual collaboration. While sales reps are busy interacting with customers, marketing is listening in on the conversations post-sales call. When marketing and Sales can both sit together and have a conversation about which materials worked and which had no effect on the customer, they are able to create the kind of content that will elicit a better response from them.

4. Sales and Marketing Alignment

Aligning the sales and marketing process means setting agreed upon sets of definitions that enable the two departments to agree on what constitutes a sales-ready lead and what defines each stage in the Sales and marketing pipeline. A sales enablement platform makes this process easier because it reveals what messages work best and at what time they do so. Having shared definitions also sets shared metrics that make the sales and marketing process more efficient and effective.

5. Insight

A sales enablement platform provides insights into the use of the most effective content which allows marketing to discover patterns in customer preferences and behaviors. Marketing and Sales could work together to capture, identify, and share best practices and apply metrics with every step in the buying process.

Using a mobile sales enablement solution is an essential part of creating an effective customer experience. Companies are able to achieve more by implementing the right sales enablement solution in an effort to better understand the needs of their customers.

How effective are you at engaging with your customers? Perhaps you need the right tool to make for a memorable presentation.

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