Top Drivers for Mobile Sales Enablement Success: Content, Measurement, and Technology

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In today’s digital sales and marketing landscape, the conversation about alignment between these two teams is a topic that we circle back to again and again. Companies are still missing the mark on creating seamless experiences where marketing generates leads, nurtures them, and passes them on to sales for further qualification. There are root causes of this failure, which prevent businesses from achieving and accelerating growth.
There are three key drivers that will help you pinpoint the obstacles that you are facing in order to identify where mobile sales enablement can have the most impact on alignment. Let’s explore.

The dynamic between content and sales

Many organizations face the problem of working with outdated and misplaced content, resulting in sales reps spending less time on selling and more time on hunting for the right content – right when a prospect needs to have the right solution in front of them. Sales reps struggle to find, share and forward content that enhances and engages with their prospects in an effort to drive conversion. When marketing works to enable sales teams with the right content at the right time, and through the right channel, sales reps are able to provide customers with it at the most opportune time.

Measuring performance

Without data and metrics, it’s easy to stray from the right course of action, and it causes some finger-pointing between sales reps and the marketing team. If there isn’t insight, marketing could go down the path of creating content that’s not useful, which hinders you from closing deals. As a result, sales reps invent information and material that’s off-message and off-brand that contains erroneous data. It’s critical to keep the dialogue open. Metrics and insight gathered during the customer lifecycle are critical to aligning sales and marketing,

The right technology

The advent of tablets changed the way companies deliver content and the way sales reps communicate with prospects. Mobile sales enablement can ensure that your sales reps always have access to the right material at the most opportune time. Furthermore, with data and analytics, teams can ensure that prospects are receiving the right messages. And with this kind of information, content effectiveness can be measured, improving the alignment of both teams toward common goals.

Aligning sales and marketing is a challenge, but these three elements can set you on track to get results. Leveraging these three drivers with a mobile sales enablement solution will ensure that marketing is continuously feeding sales with the right leads and will ensure that sales reps are armed with the right content to close deals faster.

Are your marketing and sales teams aligned? Perhaps it’s time to arm your sales team with mobile sales enablement to ensure they are ready for the sales call.

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