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How to get your sales force selling and growing business.

Besides sales, productivity often feels like one of the most pressing goals of day to day business. We all want to accomplish the most we can, in the shortest amount of time, without compromising quality and efficiency. The task sounds daunting doesn’t it? When there is already so much to think about in order to run your department or business smoothly, then adding the pressure of productivity can feel overwhelming.

59% of the time a salesperson is doing other tasks besides selling.

Apps aimed at increasing productivity are quite the trend, but most of them are great at increasing productivity in task management, to-do lists, messaging, and email. Each of these tasks certainly justify the need for productivity management, yet simply tracking progress isn’t actually increasing productivity. Instead, an increase in productivity begins by addressing the amount of tasks one gets done in a specific amount of time, along with the return on the time being spent.

A sales enablement platform can help increase productivity and produce measurable results.

You’re going to want an intuitive platform that gives you access to everything you need to increase productivity in one place.

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