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Besides sales, productivity often feels like one of the most pressing goals of day to day business. We all want to accomplish the most we can, in the shortest amount of time, without compromising quality and efficiency. The task sounds daunting doesn’t it? When there is already so much to think about in order to run your department or business smoothly, then adding the pressure of productivity can feel overwhelming.

Apps aimed at increasing productivity are quite the trend, but most of them are great at increasing productivity in task management, to-do lists, messaging, and email. Each of these tasks certainly justify the need for productivity management, yet simply tracking progress isn’t actually an increase in productivity. Instead, an increase in productivity begins by addressing the amount of tasks one gets done in a specific amount of time, along with the return on the time being spent.

vablet allows you and your team to increase productivity and have measurable results.

An Intuitive Platform
With vablet, everything you need to increase smart productivity is in one place. Here are a few features unique to vablet that increase productivity, and helps you track the return on your productivity:

Customization: Everything in vablet is 100% customizable. With HTML5 integration, it is easy to customize any and all files and presentations right inside the application. When was the last time you could customize and present within one application?

Multiple User Roles: With multiple user roles, you are able to have all eyes on deck without the back and forth between departments. When your entire team has vablet, then it’s easy to be on the same page.

Automatic updates and push notifications: vablet automatically updates all of your files, documents, and presentations for you. So when one team edits something, the newest version of the document is readily available to you. In addition, vablet sends push notifications automatically when a project is updated to the party that needs to sign off on it. When you spend less time with internal communication, you can spend more time on completing your goals.

In-depth Analytics: vablet gives you in-depth analytics regarding all of your documents and files. It is easy to see who has viewed documents or made edits, so that you can track the progress of each task. In addition, it’s easy to correlate sales and meetings with an individual’s or team’s productivity.

vablet is built with your whole day in mind, not just your tasks. In one platform, vablet gives you access to all the tools you need required to do your job, and do it well. The difference between access to tools vs. access to task management directly correlates with productivity. Task management applications can (ironically) become another task to get done, while vablet supplies you with the comprehensive tools you need to get these tasks done, without switching from platform to platform.

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