The Ultimate Sales Email Customer Experience

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The Ultimate Sales Email Customer Experience

Do you know which medium of communication is more intimate after private messenger chats?

You guessed it right: it’s email!

It’s exactly like you are sending a personal letter to your best friend or your long-forgotten relative back home.

The thing is, when a recipient opens their email, they enter into a different frame of mind. They are in their private space. Your email lands among myriad others from a friend, a colleagues, a family member – anyone for that matter. You are that close to them. So, instead of treating it just as a marketing mail, you ought to pay better attention to making it a good experience for them.

How you ask?

Here are the ten ways to render a good experience to your customers – over email.

Always have a clear “From:” field.

Your customer must know who it is from instantly. If it’s from an individual instead of a generic name like “Team XYZ” or “LHM Admin,” it’s all the better.

Subject line must display fully

And, in one line in most cases. Don’t write too big a subject line. Remember, it’s just a teaser for your customer to open the email.

Keep images to a bare minimum.

It’s an email, not a blog post. Your customer will probably read it on his mobile phone while going to work. Make it easier for him, eh?

Use a white or a light color background.

They are easy on the eyes of your customer and makes for smooth reading.

Limit font sizes and types.

If you want to use Comic Sans until the cows come home, you can. Don’t mix it with Bookman Old Style or Wing Dings, okay?

Keep it short and simple.

You are writing an email, not a book. Remember, your customer still has other unread messages in his inbox. So, give him a break, shall we?

Use short chunks of text.

It’s an accepted writing principle over the web—don’t make your paragraphs longer than 1-3 sentences. The same goes for emails too.

Make your “Call to Action” noticeable

If not, make it so. Your customer should not have to scroll up and down again and again to find that little button or link, right? If you are using text CTAs, make it descriptive. If you are using button CTAs, make them appealing.

Don’t distract while he is reading. Many a marketer will end up giving him distinct CTAs to different pages, products or services. A big mistake! You should keep it to one or two CTAs without any further distraction.

Optimize for mobile.

A staggering 62.9 percent of the world’s population owned a mobile phone. You can rest assured (almost!) that your customer will be checking your email on his mobile phone. So, optimize your email for that.

Test your email in all clients.

You never know which email client it is going to. It can be Gmail or something else. So, ensure that the appearance stays intact for all of them.Always provide your customer with a browser version of the email. Even if he is facing any issue with the rendering of the email in his client, he can switch to the browser version easily.

Like most marketing content, clarity and simplicity must be the two guiding factors when it comes to email marketing.

Even if you don’t follow a complete cheat-sheet to check on all the points mentioned above, ask yourself one question: “Would my customer love reading this?” Or, you can even test it out on an unsuspecting co-worker to see if they can easily parse the message.

If they read the whole email to the end and click on the CTA, you have succeeded in giving them a wholesome customer experience!

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